Laptop, computer repair recycling


Laptop, Computer Repair Recycling

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Monday to Friday  8:30 am to 5:00 pm ---Closed 11:30-1230 for lunch daily

Laptop, computer repair recycling.


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Digital Friends Inc. is about helping the smaller businesses enjoy the same benefits of Technology that larger businesses have. DFI provides daily desktop support, hardware and software choices to fit your business. We provide all the IT sources without the cost of having an internal IT team. DFI believes that your size should not determine how technology helps your business. All businesses should have the same access to IT.

We build custom computers based on your needs, we repair computers/laptops at reasonable cost to you. If we feel is isn't cost effective we tell you. We use used parts to make older computers last a little longer and keep costs down if you choose. We have new and used parts available to everyone so you can maintain your computer affordable.

We recycle used electronics.

 We do Laptop and computer repair

We have a free drop off for electronics

We reuse,reduce,then recycle.

Reuse is by for the best use of the 3R's in our world today.

Your Computer Friends.

Home or Office

Reasonable Rates

Communication is the #1 event in Computer Support.

@ DFI we pride ourselves on the ability to communicate in your language.


Don't Frustrate yourself or your employees.

Call your Computer Friends