Free TV and movies over the Internet

By Joe Black | Internet

Free TV and Movies

How it works...

  • Many TV and radio stations "stream" their broadcasts live on the Internet
  • Some charge a subscription fee or pay-per-view >>> most do not
  • Movie libraries are maintained worldwide and then shared out -- some by subscription fees, but most are free

What you need

  • a good Internet connection -recommended minimum is 2 MB of available download speed
  • a device capable of running center software

What will the media center software run on?

    • Smart TV
    • Computer or laptop
    • Smart Phone
    • iPhone
    • Android TV box

What operating systems are supported?

    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac
    • IOS
    • Android

Is it legal?

  • Accessing content that is free is completely legal
  • Accessing content from a source that charges for it without paying is not legal

How to stay legal?

  • Only access legitimate free content
  • Do not look for ways to circumvent subscription-based or pay-per-view sources or channels
  • Watch the free broadcasts instead
    • example - you can watch NHL hockey games on paid-for channels or on Sportsnet, TSN, ESPN, FoxSports

How do I get started?

    Have Digital Friends install and configure the software on your computer or laptop for $60


    Purchase a good TV Box from Digital Friends -- starting at $179

Computers starting at $100

By Joe Black | Sales

Excellent choice for an inexpensive computer

Capable Hardware

Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB memory
USB 2.0

Current Software

released in 2015 ensures not out-of-date and secure

Full Office Suite

Libre Office - fully compatible with:

    • Excel
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Access

Virus free

​Unbuntu and Kunbuntu are not Windows

Linux is an operating system used instead of Windows

    • Free - licensed under a General Public License
    • Up to date -- automatically updates as available
    • Stable and mature -- first released in 2004
    • Very similar to using Windows --- but much faster

Single-Click Install of programs

The Software Centre is similar to Google Play or Apples App Store.
Thousands of applications, games, graphics packages, accounting, engineering, planning, email, web browers, ... pretty much any program type that you can imagine is available from the Software Centre. Most programs are completely FREE.

What is your identity worth?

By Joe Black | Security

If your credit card is lost or stolen, you simply make a phone call, report it missing, and a new one is issued. If your drivers licence is lost or stolen then the process is a little more costly and more inconvenient to you, but ultimately it is just replaced and the old one cancelled.

If your identity is stolen, you cannot simply have it replaced. Having someone masquerading as you could have very serious effects that last years, and in some cases a whole lifetime. Imagine for a moment being tracked down because you promised to pay for merchandise, a credit card, a loan, or because you committed a crime — and then trying to explain that it was not you but rather someone else using your name.Continue reading

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