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Free TV and Movies

How it works…

  • Many TV and radio stations “stream” their broadcasts live on the Internet
  • Some charge a subscription fee or pay-per-view >>> most do not
  • Movie libraries are maintained worldwide and then shared out — some by subscription fees, but most are free

What you need

  • a good Internet connection -recommended minimum is 2 MB of available download speed
  • a device capable of running center software

What will the media center software run on?

    • Smart TV
    • Computer or laptop
    • Smart Phone
    • iPhone
    • Android TV box

What operating systems are supported?

    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac
    • IOS
    • Android

Is it legal?

  • Accessing content that is free is completely legal
  • Accessing content from a source that charges for it without paying is not legal

How to stay legal?

  • Only access legitimate free content
  • Do not look for ways to circumvent subscription-based or pay-per-view sources or channels
  • Watch the free broadcasts instead
    • example – you can watch NHL hockey games on paid-for channels or on Sportsnet, TSN, ESPN, FoxSports

How do I get started?

    Have Digital Friends install and configure the software on your computer or laptop for $60


    Purchase a good TV Box from Digital Friends — starting at $179

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